Product ID: 1713075 | Mfg Part #: 90NL00C1-M00890

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11.6" N3060 4GB 500GB W10


Smaller. Lighter. And Longer Battery Life!

Lightweight Portability

By carefully trimming every last gram of excess weight, we've created one of the lightest VivoBook Flips ever. At a feather-light 1.39kg, VivoBook Flip TP201 is the perfect take-anywhere device that's ready to go wherever your day takes you so it's always at hand for work or play.

Eye-Catching Elegance

Flip TP201's gorgeous metal finish makes it lovely to touch, and its stylish looks make it stand out from the crowd. But Flip TP201 doesn't just look and feel good: the scratch-resistant texture is amazingly tough and durable too, helping to keep its elegant beauty unblemished.

Solid Engineering, from any Angle

Flip TP201's robust and remarkable 360-degree, multi-gear metal hinge gives you the freedom to organize your life the way you want. Do serious work in laptop mode. Flip into tent mode to share or discuss stuff with your colleagues. Create your own personal movie theater in an instant with stand mode. And wherever you are, Flip's handy tablet mode is enhanced by the lightweight design and superb battery life.

Your Way, All Day!

Flip TP201 packs a full 11 hours of working time into its battery, so you don't need to be constantly on the look-out for power sockets. And with all its versatile modes at your fingertips, Flip TP201 is everything you need for a whole fun-filled day.