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2964AV Mono Headset Headset with Two 1/4" Plugs

This durable, beige-colored headset is the educator’s standard for use with Card Readers. Noise-reducing earcups allow students to focus on the lesson, making it ideal for speech therapies, ELL, ELD and other language learning applications.

  • Two 1/4" plugs

  • Ambient noise reducing ABS plastic ear cups with adjustable comfort-fit headband

  • Replaceable over-the-ear fitting leatherette cushion

  • Recessed wiring resists prying fingers for classroom safety

  • Adjustable headstrap with “comfort fit” strap fits all sizes

  • Noise-reducing earcup lowers ambient noise so volume
    does not need to be as high, as recommended by
    audiologists for hearing safety

  • 6’ straight cord won’t tangle with other wires

  • Two nickel-plated 1/4” plugs designed for Card Reader use

  • Permanently attached cord with reinforced connection
    resists accidental pull out

  • Flexible gooseneck with omnidirectional electret mic with
    built-in wind screen reduces recording unintended sounds

  • Replaceable and washable leatherette ear pads wrapped
    around rugged ABS plastic earcups for durability

  • Slotted baffle prevents speaker access, avoiding
    accidental puncturing

  • PVC plastic headstrap and earcups hold up to continued
    usage in high-use settings