E525W MLTFUNC COL LASERPR P/C/S/F 18PPM, Academic Discount | Education Discount at JourneyEd.com
Product ID: 1682088 | Mfg Part #: E525W

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Designed for convenience

Easy set up: Get your printer up and running easily with the Dell Printer Easy Installer.


Connect and share your printer with ease: Get flexible connectivity with USB, WiFii and Ethernet options.


i — your complete printer software. Declutter your desktop with one intuitive interface for all your printing needs. This one-stop, complete solution integrates printer essentials and cloud connectivity for easy document management and control of your printer. Enjoy simplicity with:

  • 1-click to update printer firmware and software
  • 1-click to execute customized scan shortcuts
  • 1-click access to the cloud access solution

    To increase efficiency, you can utilize the cloud based Optical Character Recognition feature within to scan hardcopies into editable, searchable files.

Stay up and running with automatic alerts: With the ,i you will get automatic alerts when firmware and software updates are available, or when toner runs low. Toner reordering is convenient with direct access to compatible toners. To reduce maintenance, the E525w comes with a single fuser unit that is designed to last the life of the printer.