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Dell's commitment to large enterprise customers includes offering the infrastructure and accessories that companies need to complement their server installation. The fixed rack equipment shelf provides a stable location for storage within a rack.

The Dell Fixed Rack Equipment Shelf has been enhanced to provide more flexibility in rack support, more options for rail attachment, and more loaded weight capacity. The heavy-duty steel shelf also includes slots to facilitate cable management.

Dell now provides more choices- the fixed rack equipment shelf can be mounted into a wider range of rack types and configurations. The shelf fits easily into the Dell PowerEdge TM 2420 and 4220 racks, as well as previous generation PowerEdge 2410 and 4210 racks, with square holes using tool-less rails. The shelf design also supports installation in third-party racks with round holes, square holes, or threaded holes. Additionally, the shelf can be placed into both four-post and two-post racks, with appropriate rail configuration. In the two- post racks, installation may be positioned as either center mount or flush mount.

Depending on the type of rack installation, the rail lengths are adjustable to various ranges of lengths. Additionally, the shelf's rails can be used in either a tool-less or tooled configuration. With tool-less installation, the shelf can be quickly and easily mounted into a standard unthreaded round-hole or square-hole rack. With a minor adjustment (described in the shelf installation guide), the rails can be converted to tooled use for flush-mount or center-mount installation in two-post or four-post racks, including threaded four-post racks.


The larger load capacity of the shelf can accommodate more equipment within the rack. In most rack installation configurations, the shelf can support a loaded weight capacity up to 200 pounds, doubling the capacity of the previous shelf. When installed as flush-mount in a two-post rack, the shelf load maximum is 100 pounds. Refer to the installation guide for guidance on loading.

The rack kit comes with two hook-and-loop straps for securing cables. These straps can be easily threaded through the slots on the shelf to consolidate and route cables along a safe path for easier management.