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Get the most out of your system with the least amount of effort.

Premium Support Plus packs the most features in one support plan. It’s enhanced with features that include virus removal, repairs for accidents and automated PC health-optimizing scans to keep your PC running at its best.

Premium Support Plus comes with SupportAssist*, Dell’s exclusive technology that helps make managing your PC easier. Unlock its maximum performance when you select Premium Support Plus.

You’ll also have expert help from a team that’s ready to deliver personalized, one-on-one support for nearly any hardware or software issue. Whether it’s setting up parental controls, backing up data, or optimizing your hard drive and software settings to get that like-new performance from your PC, our experts are ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way. 

Choose Premium Support Plus | Call us at 1-800-348-6147


Premium Support Plus includes:
  • 24x7 direct access to expert hardware and software phone support
  • Onsite support after remote diagnosis
  • Repairs for accidental damages like drops, spills and electrical surges
  • Collaborative help to resolve everyday software issues
  • Personalized help with software for more complex issues, or for help with setting data backup, parental controls, and more
  • International support – help that travels with you
  • Parental control software support
  • SupportAssist technology-enabled features to:
    • Proactively find issues and contact Dell while notifying you
    • Predict problems before they start
    • Remove viruses and malware
    • Optimize PC performance automatically


Premium Support Plus with SupportAssist significantly reduced time to resolve a failed hard drive, versus the Dell Limited Hardware Warranty/Basic Hardware Service:
  • Up to 46% less time to resolution
  • Up to 50% fewer steps in the support process


Customer Testimonial

‘Thank you Dell for the outstanding customer support service provided to me. The Premium Support Plus offer I recently bought, has helped me get 24x7 access to Dell experts, instant chat option, and predictive support, which has worked great for me.’ – Mr. Gonzalo Venegas