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It was Fall 2012. Coby, a Senior at SDSU, was working on his final project which happened to be utilizing 3D Printed parts for prosthetic limb construction. Tired of the cost of using the universities only industrial 3D printing machine, he set out to build his own...from scratch. It took a few months, but with Mike's help, this need for an affordable solution to utilize 3D printing technology led to the start of what later became known as ROBO 3D. Braydon came on board mid project seeing the opportunity, and combined with his expertise in product development, was able to craft the whole package and machine together. This is where the R1 ROBO 3D printer began. We set out to build an affordable quality machine by us, for people like us: We wanted to bring this technology to the household so users could see the value and incredible uses for these machines without breaking the bank. Welcome to your printable future- there isnít anything we canít do. It is time to turn your ideas into tangible realities with ROBO 3D Printer.