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Total Training for Adobe CS/CC (1 Year)

This title includes all of our individual Creative Suite 6 design training titles in one convenient and cost effective bundle. It provides all tools you need to learn Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator and InDesign and also includes our Design & Web Workflow series that will show you how they all work together, saving you time, teaching you how applications integrate for a smooth, streamlined workflow, and allowing you to get the most from your software investment.

Included in the bundle:

  • Illustrator CC
  • Dreamweaver CC
  • Total Training for Adobe CS6 Design & Web Workflow
  • Total Training for Adobe Dreamweaver CS6: Essentials
  • Total Training for Adobe Fireworks CS6
  • Total Training for Adobe Flash Professional CS6: Essentials
  • Total Training for Adobe Illustrator CS6: Essentials
  • Total Training for Adobe InDesign CS6: Essentials
  • Total Training for Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended: Essentials

Included Training Courses:

CS6 Design & Web Workflow Training Highlights:

  • Illustrator's new Pattern Creation Panel
  • Photoshop's new Content Aware Move Tool
  • InDesign's updated Collection tools for ePub Files
  • Dreamweaver's adaptation to HTML5 and Mobile Development Tools
  • Firework's improved tools for designing Mock Ups, Sprites & Mobile Components

Dreamweaver CS6 Training Highlights:

  • The new Site Manager Dialog box.
  • The Multi-Screen Panel.
  • Changing the Document workspace preview to mobile devices.
  • Insert Widgets (introduced in CS5.5)
  • CSS Rules Definition dialog box

Fireworks CS6 Training Highlights:

  • CSS3 and CSS Sprite export
  • Improved Access to Colour
  • Separate Alpha support for fill and stroke
  • Expanded Common Library of Symbols
  • jQuery Mobile Theme Skinning

Flash CS6 Training Highlights:

  • New UI
  • Content-Aware Move
  • Content-Aware Patch tool
  • Paragraph Style and Character Style Panels

Illustrator CS6 Training Highlights:

  • Text Refinements
  • Gradient Paths
  • Interface Improvements
  • Pattern creation

InDesign CS6 Training Highlights:

  • Using Guides to Help Align Page Design Elements Perfectly, and Use Align/Distribute Functions to Cheat those Alignments by Design
  • Quality-Checking, Fixing and Packaging InDesign Documents
  • Using Paragraph and Character Styles, Templates and Importing Functions to Speed Production and Apply Consistent Designs to Recurring Documents
  • How to Quickly and Efficiently Apply the Rules of Standard Document Design, as well as How to Creatively Break them Occasionally for Design Effect
  • The Basics of Creating Interactive Digital Forms with Adobe InDesign CS6

Photoshop CS6 Training Highlights:

  • New UI
  • Content-Aware Move
  • Content-Aware Patch tool
  • Paragraph Style and Character Style Panels

Minimum System Requirements:

  • XP/Vista/Windows7 or MAC OS X 10.3 or higher
  • 2.0 GHz processor or higher
  • 512MB of system memory
  • Support for DirectX 9 graphics and 64MB of graphics memory
  • 32MB free hard drive
  • 1024x768 screen resolution
  • Audio output
  • Broadband Internet access: DSL or Cable (minimum bandwidth 350kbps)
  • See chart below for minimum recommended browser configurations:


  • Windows: Internet Explorer 7/Firefox 2 /Opera 9 /Chrome /Safari
  • MAC: Safari 2/ Chrome


  • Windows: Windows Media Player 11 and QuickTime with iTunes 7.1.6
  • MAC: QuickTime with iTunes 7.1.6


Version 9,0,45,0

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To alleviate this issue, we need to set your browser to run in Compatibility View for our website.

Quick Fix - Select Tools or Hit F12 on your keyboard. A new window will open at the bottom of your screen. In the first menu bar of that new window locate "Browser Mode" click on that and select IE9 Compatibility view. Once complete Hit F12 or the close button on the window to exit.

GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER Below are suggestions directly from the Google Chrome help site to assist you in resolving the issue. The following link will take you directly to the Google Chrome help site area that addresses enabling add-ons or plug ins like the Windows Media Player Plug In Link.

MOZILLA FIREFOX BROWSER The Firefox browser requires add-ons or plugs in to be enabled so that it recognizes components on your system.

Let's go to the Mozilla support center to resolve the issue

To verify this, when on your toolbar select Tools then Options. You should see a selection of programs/plug-ins that are already installed (i.e. Realplayer, Windows Media Player, etc.) Please be sure you have Windows Media Player enabled. If you need further information - here is an additional link to discuss the Windows Media Player plug-in for the Firefox browser.

Links to Update Your System

Windows Media Player v11 or higher:

QuickTime Player with iTUNES v7.1.6 or higher:

Flash v9 or higher: