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Jot Tote Stylus Carrier


Stylus carrier for iPad Mini

Ideas happen everywhere and you shouldn't be without your tool of choice. Whether it's a quick note or an inspired sketch, Jot Tote is a stylus carrier that fits securely to your iPad Mini or iPad Mini with Retina Display. Now your Jot will always be there when inspiration strikes.

Secure Carrier
The rubber lined slide grip drawer secures and locks your Jot in place whenever you're on the go. When your Jot is being used, the drawer recedes beautifully back into the body.

Unrivaled Style
Jot Tote was designed to compliment your iPad Mini. The semi-matte exterior provides a soft touch while the etched stainless steel wraps seamlessly around your device to provide a unique style and finish.

Smart Cover Ready
The minimal design allows for Jot Tote to fit perfectly with your Smart Cover.